Why a Glass Nail File?

  • Do your fingernails become brittle or crack when you’re filing?
  • Fed up with cheap nail files that wear out quickly?
  • Looking for a gentle but effective nail file?

A glass nail file is the perfect answer!

Glass nail files gently and effectively file your nails, giving a smooth finish without splitting, peeling or rough edges. With regular use, your nails actually become stronger, as the super smooth edges created by using a glass nail file prevents dirt and bacteria getting into your nails. The filing action is so gentle, you can also use a glass nail file on fake nails, including acrylic nails and gel nails.

What’s more, you can simply wash your glass nail file if it gets slightly clogged or dirty, then use again and again, as the surfaces never wear out. Since the nail file is made of glass, it will never absorb moisture like an emery board, and so are perfect for use in nail clinics and salons, as they can be sterilized in autoclaves.

And as if you needed another reason to buy glass nail files, they are much more eco-friendly than emery boards, since glass files can be used time and time again, while emery boards wear out and have to be thrown away.

How our top quality glass nail files are made

Our files are made by one of the world’s leading glass manufacturers, J Blazek of the Czech Republic, the original innovators of glass nail files back in the late 1990s. Blazek glass nail files are made of the finest ‘float’ glass, onto which the abrasive surfaces are etched using acids. After a lengthy process of washing, the result is a perfectly clean crystal glass nail file, which is then strengthened for safe use. Finally, crystals or painted designs are added to create a gorgeous crystal nail file, which if you keep in the soft wallet provided to protect it from dirt and scratches, will last you for years.

Blazek Glass Nail Files are not only the best solution for all your nail care needs, they also make a prefect present for any occasion! At Niché Beauty, you can choose from nail files in three sizes, (mini, medium and large), and a great range of styles, including:

  • glass nail files with Swarovski crystals
  • eye-catching coloured crystal nail files
  • stylish engraved glass files

Get better nails today with Blazek glass nails files from Niché Beauty Solutions