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Glass Manicure Stick

Glass manicure sticks are the latest must-have kit for professional quality nail care and manicure.

Manufactured by master glassmakers Blazek of the Czech Republic, these lightweight yet incredibly strong glass sticks are ideal for treating the skin around your nails and manipulating your cuticles. Since they also have a sanding layer added as well, you can use them for super-fine, accurate filing.

Available in a choice of colours, our range of Blazek glass manicure sticks are more hygienic and longer-lasting that cheap wooden cuticle sticks, which are often imported from Asia and made from uncertified wood sources. Wooden sticks are also thrown away after use, while glass manicure sticks can be cleaned and used again and again, making them both more economical and eco-friendly.

As with all Blazek glass nail files products, the filing surface of the glass manicure stick is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product, and will not wear out. Simply wash in warm soapy water to keep your glass manicure stick sparkling clean and ready for use.

A traditional orange stick (wood cuticle stick) is used during a manicure to push back the cuticles before nail polishes are applied. Most manicurists recommend soaking your hands first to soften the cuticles, or applying a cuticle cream.