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Coloured Glass Nail Files

Never put up with dull boring nail files again! Express your style and personality with our eye-catching range of colour glass nail files that\’ll really get your nails noticed even as you\’re filing them!

Made by master glassmakers Blazek in the Czech Republic, the colour variations in the nail file handles are superb, as one shade seems to effortlessly shift into another. The colours then fade into the \’work\’ area of your glass file, an acid-etched surface that never wears out, providing years of nail care from a single nail file.

Coloured crystal glass nail files are available in three sizes, 90mm, 140mm and 200mm. The mini version is perfect for your purse and those emergency nail moments, the medium size will sit happily in your handbag or make-up bag, while the large size id ideal for your dressing table or bathroom cabinet. All our coloured glass nail files are completely washable, so you can clean one after heavy use by running it under a tap, and patting dry.

Colour glass nail files – not just for hands!

The larger size glass file has also been designed for foot care, featuring a high profile surface has been created for hardened skin on feet and heels. Use it all summer long to keep your feet looking super smooth in sandals and open shoes without splashing out on expensive pedicure sessions!

The medium and large files are also very popular with professional beauticians and manicurists, as they never wear out and can be sterilized after use.

Every Blazek nail file carries a silver sticker so you know you\’re getting the world\’s only patented glass nail file, the best on the market today.