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Engraved glass nail files

Subtle and elegant, these engraved glass nail files are both sophisticated and practical, and feel wonderful to use too. The clean-cut edges of the engraved design on the handle give you a little extra grip, while the etched surface gently files your name to silky smooth perfection.

Every engraved crystal nail file has been engraved by hand, so each design is a little unique work of art! Considering the small area each engraver has to work on, the results are both beautiful and practical, and you can wash the entire nail file to keep it sparkling clean.

These glass nail files are single-sided, come in medium lengths, and come in a clear fronted pouch to show off its design. As with all our Blazek patented glass nail files, these carry a sticker of authenticity so you can be sure you have the genuine article.

Personalised engraved glass nail files

Why not create your own design? Our engravers will place any suitable design, including names and logos, onto the handle of our glass nail files. Idea for corporate gifts, personalised wedding favours or commemorative gifts for clubs and sporting events. Call us for more details and pricing.