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Just in – our latest collection of beautiful glass nail files!

You\’ll love these new exquisite one colour files and also our new hand-painted glass nail files with their elegantly crafted designs.

Choose from elegant sweeps of colour that flow from handle to surface, or pretty floral-inspired patterns that show every stroke and swish of the artist\’s brush. Most designs are finished with either glitter and a sparkling crystal – or both!

Our crystal nail files are manufactured by expert glassmakers Blazek of the Czech Republic, so you can be sure of the highest quality production methods and craftsmanship. Every Blazek nail file carries their patent sticker, so you know it\’s a genuine, patented Blazek nail file, not a cheap imitation.

Interested in new designs in glass nail files for gifts, wedding favours, or just for yourself? Bookmark this page and pop back when you want the latest glass nail file designs and innovations!

Glass Nail files from Niché Beauty Solutions – nail technology never looked so good!